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Minggu, 26 Desember 2010


You secretly predict which card will be chosen. Then you ask a friend to randomly select a number and count down that many cards in the deck. At first this card doesn’t match your prediction, but after a few comical adjustments, the name of the card mysteriously appears!

Things you need
A deck of playing cards
A calculator
Paper and pencil

Preparing the trick
Put the 10 of Hearts in the eighteenth position down from the top of the deck.

The Secret
Announce that you are going to predict which card will be chosen from the deck. On a piece of paper, write: THE NAME OF THE CARD IS Fold the paper so that your friend doesn’t see what you’ve written and put it aside until later. Ask your friend to:
1. Enter a 3-digit number into the calculator. (The first digit must be larger than the last digit.) Example: 845
2. Reverse this number and subtract it from the first number. -548 3.

Add the digits in the answer. 297 2+9+7=18 The digits will always add up to 18!
Tell him to count down that many cards in the deck. It will be the 10 of Hearts.
Finally, ask him to open the piece of paper and read your prediction.
He’ll read, "THE NAME OF THE CARD IS".

Say that you were in such a hurry that you forgot to finish your prediction. Then make these adjustments and his card will mysteriously appear!
-cross off the H in THE
-cross off the AME in NAME
-cross off the T in THE
-cross off the CD in CARD
-change the I in IS to a T by crossing the top


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