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Senin, 18 April 2011

Mobile Trick "Locking Default Application" "Mengunci Aplikasi Bawaan HP"

Locking default application

Want to Locking default application?
Don't want everybody read your SMS?
Then just Lock Messaging Application, here is the way....

1) Open 3rd Party Application like Fexlporer, x-plore...
2) Go to Z/System/Apps/mce
3) Mark two files of mce.aif and mce.app
4) Press Option -> Edit -> Copy
5) Then go into X/System/Apps/ (X stands for either C or E)
6) Create a folder with name "Locked"
7) Paste the two files in that folder
8) Rename mce.aif into Locked.aif
9) And mce.app to Locked.app
9) After that, wait for 5 seconds and then try to open messaging application.
10) You should see the Messaging can't be opened
11) You're finished now.

this trick also work for other application like Phonebook,Gallery,etc..
trik ini juga bisa untuk menyembunyikan pesan,inbox,sms,gallery,kontak,dll..

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