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Senin, 18 April 2011

MobileRepair "Can'T Delete Inbox Message" "SMS Tidak Bisa diHapus"

Can't delete files in your Inbox?

When you cant delete a file which is in your inbox the normal way, here is what you can do..

1. Install FExplorer.

2. Launch it and goto the path/folder of your message inbox. If its on the C drive, it would be C:\system\Mail\00001001_S and the same if its on the E.

3. You will notice there are more folders, 0 to9 and a to f. Just go look into all those folders and you should be able to find the file that you wanna delete.

4. Once found, click on Options>File>Delete.

5. Exit FExplorer & goto your Inbox to delete the file again.

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