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Sabtu, 28 Desember 2013

Cara Backup ROM dengan MTK DROID TOOL

File Pendukung:
The tutorial:
1.Device have been rooted by above step
2.Set Device to USB Debugging Enable
3.Go to MTK Droid Tools > Run As Administrator MTK Droid Tools.exe
4.Connect Phone to PC via USB Port

- Green color on device indicator 9300 indicate the devices have been ROOTED (The Color for every computer probably different)

- Click Second Tab : root, backup,recovery

- To do Back up Just Click Back Up Button, by default MTK Droid Tools will back up the whole rom WITHOUT USERDATA
 (everything user setup like google account, email setting, time zone, gmail setting).
  If you want to back up also your peronal setting then Thick Backup User data and Cache, otherwise let it blank
- Option Leave Flash Tools File on SD Card will also store backup file to phone's sd card  Suggestion Leave it Blank,
  since storing the file at sdcard probably will fail if sdcard full

5.Once everything satisfying : Click BACK UP Button
- Back up process starting
- It is take a while Just be patient
- Upon nearly finishing Back Up a pop up request appear
- Suggested to click YES, by accepting the option, Tools will archive the whole back up rom into zip file.
  It is easier to be store and upload to internet storage

6.FINISHED …. Back Up file stored into : MTKDroidTools > Backup

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