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Minggu, 26 Desember 2010

SCHOOL SKILLS "English Phrasal Verbs Part 2"

Come across = find by accident
I CAME ACROSS my old school reports when
I was clearing out my desk.
Come across = agree to have sex with someone
I was surprised when she CAME ACROSS on the first night.
Come across = the way other people see you
He CAME ACROSS as shy because he spoke so quietly.
Come apart = break into pieces
It CAME APART when I tried to lift it off the
floor and I had to glue it back together.
Come before = appear in court charged with a crime or offence
He CAME BEFORE the court on charges of speeding.
Come down = rain
Just look at the rain COMING DOWN! I’m not going out in that.
Come down = travel
When you’re next in London, COME DOWN and see us.
Come down on = criticise heavily
The management really CAME DOWN ON
him for losing the contract.
Come from = country or town where you were born
She COMES FROM Somalia.
Come in = arrive for flights
The plane CAME IN at two-thirty in the morning.
Come in = place or ranking in a competition, etc.
I did my best but CAME IN in last but one in the race.
Come in = receive news
Reports are just COMING IN of an
assassination attempt on the President.
Come into = be important or relevant
Money doesn’t COME INTO IT; I simply
will not do it under any circumstances.
Come into = inherit
She CAME INTO a lot of money when
her grandmother died.
Come into use = start being used
The computerised system CAME INTO
USE at the end of last year.
Come off = when something breaks off
I picked it up and the handle CAME OFF in my hand.
Come off it = I don’t believe what you’re saying
COME OFF IT; tell me the truth for goodness’ sake.
Come on = encouragement
COME ON; don’t give up now when
you’re so close to finishing.
Come on = start an illness
I’ve got a bit of a headache.
I hope it doesn’t mean I’ve got flu COMING ON.
Come on = start functioning (machines, etc.)
The central heating COMES
ON automatically an hour before I have to get up.
Come out = a secret is revealed
The details of the scandal CAME OUT
in the press and she had to resign.
Come out = be published or otherwise
available to the public
The band’s new CD is COMING OUT in September.
Come out = disappear when washed
The red wine I spilt just will not COME
OUT of the carpet no matter what
I try to clean it with.
Come out = let people know that you are lesbian or gay
She CAME OUT at university and has been
living with her partner, Jane, for the last couple of years.
Come out = when the sun appears
It started cloudy, but then the sun CAME OUT
and we all went to the park.
Come out in = have a rash or similar skin problem
She CAME OUT IN a nasty rash after touching
the poisonous plant by mistake.
Come over = feel strange
I CAME OVER all faint and weak because my
sugar level was too low. (British)
Come round = become conscious, wake up
from anaesthetic
She CAME ROUND and learned that the operation
had been a complete success.
Come round = change your opinion
Ate first she didn’t like the idea, but she
CAME ROUND to our way of thinking in the end.
Come through = arrive (messages and information)
News is COMING THROUGH of a major accident
on the M25, where freezing fog has been making
driving conditions extremely dangerous.
Come to = become conscious, wake up from anaesthetic
She CAME TO an hour after the operation.
Come to = result in
The two men started arguing but they soon
CAME TO blows and started fighting in earnest.
Come up = appear
I’ll be late home tonight because something’s
COME UP at work has to be ready for tomorrow morning.
Come up = rise (the sun)
The sun CAME UP just as we reached the
outskirts of the town.
Come up against = encounter problems or difficulties
They CAME UP AGAINST a lot of opposition
to their plans for an out-of-town supermarket development.
Come up with = think of a solution, excuse, etc.
Nobody could COME UP WITH a satisfactory
explanation for the accident.
Come upon = find by chance
I CAME UPON the book in a little second-hand
bookshop in Dorset.
Conk out = fall fast asleep
I was exhausted and CONKED OUT on the sofa.
Cool down = get cooler
I left the tea for a minute until it had COOLED
DOWN enough to drink.
Cool down = become calm
It took me ages to COOL DOWN after the argument.
Cop it = get into trouble
They really COPPED IT when they got caught
Cop off = leave work or school early
We COPPED OFF early on Friday because there
was nothing to do..
Cop off = kiss, pet or have sex with someone
She COPPED OFF with Damian at the end-of-term party..
Cop out = choose an easy alternative
She was going to take a Master’s degree but
COPPED OUT and chose the Diploma course instead.
Could do with = need or want something
I COULD really DO WITH a cup of tea.
Count in = include or involve
If you’re going on that skiing holiday, you can
COUNT me IN; I’d love to go.
Crack down = use more authority than usual
The police always CRACK DOWN on drink-driving
offences over the Christmas period.
Crack up = have a nervous breakdown
He CRACKED UP after his son died and had to take
a couple of months off work.
Crack up = have bad reception on a mobile phone
You’ll have to talk louder- you’re CRACKING UP.
Crash out = sleep at someone’s house because
you are too tired, drunk, etc. to leave
Dave CRASHED OUT at a friend’s flat after the end-of-term party.
Crop up = appear unexpectedly
I’m going to be late tonight as something has
just CROPPED UP at work.
Cross out = put as line through some writing to
show it is wrong
She CROSSED OUT her mistakes and wrote the
correct answers above them.
Cut back = reduce
The firm CUT BACK production because sales were sluggish.
Cut back on = reduce
spending on the armed forces.
Cut down = consume less
I’m trying to CUT DOWN the amount of coffee
I drink during the day.
Cut down = shoot
A lot of soldiers were CUT DOWN by enemy
fire as they stormed the airport.
Cut down on = reduce
Doctors advised her to CUT DOWN ON the
amount of saturated fats in her diet.
Cut it out = stop your unfair or unreasonable behaviour
Will you two idiots CUT IT OUT and keep quiet.
Cut off = disconnect
The telephone’s been CUT OFF because
we didn’t pay the bill.
Cut off = isolate or make inaccessible
The heavy snow has blocked many roads and
CUT OFF a number of villages.
Cut out = exclude
I’m CUTTING OUT salt from my diet.
Cut out = when an engine or motor stops
The car CUT OUT at the traffic lights just
as they went green.
Dawn on = finally realise or understand something
The truth only DAWNED ON me much later.
Die away = become quieter or inaudible (of a sound)
The last notes DIED AWAY and the audience
burst into applause.
Die down = decrease or become quieter
It was on the front pages of all the papers for a few days,
but the interest gradually DIED DOWN.
Die out = become extinct or disappear
Some scientists say that the dinosaurs DIED OUT when a
comet hit the earth and caused a nuclear winter.
Dig in = start eating greedily
We were starving so we really DUG IN when the
food finally did arrive.
Dig into = reach inside to get something
She DUG INTO her handbag and pulled out
a bunch of keys.
Dig up = find something secret
The reporters eventually DUG UP the truth about the affair.
Do away with = abolish, get rid of
The United Kingdom DID AWAY WITH
the death penalty in 1965.
Do out of = cheat somebody out of something
that is rightfully theirs
They lied on the reference and DID me OUT OF
any chance of getting the job.
Do up = close or fasten clothes, etc.
You must DO UP your safety belt in the
back of cars and taxis now.
Do up = repair and renovate
It took them six months to DO UP the house before
they could actually move in.
Doze off = fall asleep
The movie was a bit boring and I DOZED OFF halfway through.
Drag on = be unnecessarily long
The meeting DRAGGED ON for two and a half hours.
Draw up = prepare a contract
The contract was DRAWN UP by our solicitor.
Draw up = when a vehicle stops
The police car DREW UP alongside him at the red lights
and asked him to pull over.
Dream of = not think or consider
I wouldn’t even DREAM OF telling her that.
Dream up = invent something, have an idea
They DREAMED UP the scheme for the improvements
and it was accepted by the board.
Dredge up = discover things about someone’s past
The newspapers DREDGED UP the details of his affair
with his research assistant.
Dress up = dress very smartly
It’s an informal party so there’s no need to DRESS UP.
Drink up = finish a drink
DRINK UP, please; it’s closing time.
Drive by = do domething out of a car
He was killed in a DRIVE-BY shooting.
Drive off = drive away from a place
She slammed the car door shut and DROVE OFF
without saying a word.
Drive up = make something increase
The market uncertainty has DRIVEN prices UP.
Drop by = pay a brief visit
He DROPPED BY on his way home from work.
Drop in = visit without having made arrangements
I was in the area so I DROPPED IN at the office to see her.
Drop out = quit a course
She DROPPED OUT of college and went
straight into a good job.
Dwell on = spend a lot of time on something
The programme DWELLED ON little other than the scandal.
Dwell upon = spend a lot of time on something
She DWELT UPON the economic situation in her speech.
Ease off = reduce pressure
She EASED OFF the accelerator to let the car slow down.
Ease up = relax, calm down
She asked her teacher to EASE UP because
she was feeling very stressed.
Eat out = eat in a restaurant
We couldn’t be bothered to cook so we ATE OUT last night.
Eat up = eat all of something
If you don’t EAT UP your greens, you won’t get any dessert.
Edge up = approach slowly
She EDGED UP behind the bus at the red light.
Egg on = encourage
The other students EGGED him ON when
he started arguing with the teacher.
Eke out = make something like money last as long as possible
Most students have to EKE OUT their income
because they have so little money to live on.
Embark on = start a project or venture
Piere EMBARKED ON an MBA at Insead last autumn.
Embark upon = start a project or venture
Fernando has just EMBARKED UPON a completely
new direction professionally.
End up = become or do something unplanned
We couldn’t get tickets for Egypt so we ENDED
UP going to Turkey instead.
Enter for = join or enter a competition
They ENTERED FOR the national championship
but weren’t good enough.
Eye up = look carefully at someone
The guy EYED the other man UP because
he was behaving suspiciously.
Face up to = accept an unpleasant truth
Many people find it hard to FACE UP TO
the fact that they are getting old.
Fall back = retreat
The army FELL BACK after losing the battle.
Fall down = fall on the ground
I slipped on the ice and FELL DOWN.
Fall down = have a weak point
The argument FALLS DOWN when you look at
how much it’ll cost.
Fall for = be attracted to somebody, fall in love
He FELL FOR her the moment their eyes met.
Fall for = believe a lie or a piece of deception
He FELL FOR my story and allowed me yet another
extension for the submission of my thesis.
Fall in = collapse
The ceiling FELL IN hurting a lot of people.
Fall off = decrease
The membership fell off dramatically when the
chairperson resigned.
Fall out = argue and be on bad terms with someone
They FELL OUT over the decision and hardly
speak to each other any more.
Fall out = lose hair
He’s started getting worried about baldness
because his hair is FALLING OUT rather quickly.
Fall over = fall on the ground
I slipped on the ice and FELL OVER.
Fall through = be unsuccessful
The plans FELL THROUGH when planning
permission was refused.
Fathom out = understand something
I couldn’t FATHOM OUT what she wanted from me. (British)
Feel up to = feel capable of doing something
I’m so tired. I don’t think I FEEL UP TO going out tonight.
Fight off = fight an attacker and force them back
The old lady managed to FIGHT the muggers
OFF and they didn’t get her purse.
Figure out = find the answer to a problem
The police couldn’t FIGURE OUT how the burglars
had got into the warehouse.
File away = put a document in the correct place
for storage in a filing system
I FILED a copy of the letter AWAY for my records.
Fill in = complete a form (UK)
I FILLED IN the application form and posted it off.
Fill in on = give someone information
I’m sorry I missed the meeting; could you FILL me
IN ON what happened.
Fill out = complete a form (US)
I FILLED OUT the application form and mailed it.
Fill up = fill something completely
I stopped at the garage and FILLED UP with petrol.
Filter out = remove something unwanted
It FILTERS OUT all the impurities and chemicals in
tap water so that it tastes better.
Find out = discover
I went to the library to FIND OUT all I could
about the life and work of Joe Meek.
Finish off = finish completely
They FINISHED OFF all the chocolates and had
to go to the all-night garage to buy some more.
Fire away = ask questions
What do you want to know? FIRE AWAY and I’ll tell you.
Fire up = Start a computer
She FIRED UP the computer and printed out
a hard copy of the files.
Fit in = get on in a group of people
I didn’t FIT IN with the other people working
there so I left and found another job.
Fit in = have enough time or space for something
I didn’t have time to FIT IN another appointment.
Fix up = make an arrangement
He FIXED UP an appointment for me to see a specialist.
Flesh out = add more details or information
The recent government report FLESHED OUT the draft proposals.
Flog off = sell something cheaply to get rid of it
The council FLOGGED OFF the land cheaply to a
developer who had close links to a few of the councillors. (British)
Focus on = concentrate
The report FOCUSES ON the company’s weak points.
Fold up = make a sheet of paper smaller
Darren FOLDED UP the letter and put it in an envelope.
Freak out = become very disturbed or angry
She FREAKED OUT completely when she didn’t
get the grades to get into university.

MAGIC TRICKS "Number Card Magic"

Number Card Magic
Make 5 cards the same as these:

Card A 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 21 23 25 27 29 31
Card B 2 3 6 7 10 11 14 15 18 19 22 23 26 27 30 31
Card C 4 5 6 7 12 13 14 15 20 21 22 23 28 29 30 31
Card D 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31
Card E 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

Get your friend to choose any number from the cards without telling you the number, but to tell you all the cards it appears on. You should be able to quickly say what number was chosen.

Superfast Addition
Get a friend to write down 2 numbers less than 20, one under the other without you seeing them. then your friend makes a third number by adding the first 2 together and write it below the first two. Then make a fourth number by adding the second and third, a fifth by adding the third and fourth, and so on, until there is a column of ten numbers. Now if you look at the numbers you can quickly give the total of the column. .

All you do is multiply the seventh number by 11, in the example below it is 142 x11.

Example 14+9+23+32+55+87+142+229+371+600 =1562

You can multiply by any number by 11 very quickly in your head - How? The secret is to multiply the number by 10 first and then add the number to the first result. For the example above - 10 x 142 = 1420 (the really easy bit - just add 0 to the end), then add 142 to 1420 which gives us the answer 1562 (even that bit’s not too difficult either!).

MAGIC TRICKS "The Mysterious Aces"

Three aces will magically appear when the great Mathematical Forces are called.

Things you need
A deck of cards

Preparing the trick
Pick out the aces and any 8. Then count down seven cards and place the 8 with the four aces underneath it. (In other words, the 8 is the eighth card and the aces are 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th cards down.)

The Secret
Ask a friend for a number between 10 and 20. (Be careful 10 works but 20 does not!) Deal out that number of cards into a pile one at a time. Ask your friend to add the digits of that number. Return that many cards to the top of the deck one card at a time. Turn over the top card and it will be and it will be an ACE. (Very cool!!) Set this Ace aside and put the small pile back on top of the deck. Repeat the trick two more times and get two more aces. Finally, pretend to ask the Lords of Maths for a sign as to where the other ACE is. Pretend that they tell you to turn over the top card. (It will be an 8) Count down that many cards and there will be the final ACE!!! (A quick example...count out 15 cards one at a time... then put six back one at a time...and turn over the top card .... An Ace!!!)


You secretly predict which card will be chosen. Then you ask a friend to randomly select a number and count down that many cards in the deck. At first this card doesn’t match your prediction, but after a few comical adjustments, the name of the card mysteriously appears!

Things you need
A deck of playing cards
A calculator
Paper and pencil

Preparing the trick
Put the 10 of Hearts in the eighteenth position down from the top of the deck.

The Secret
Announce that you are going to predict which card will be chosen from the deck. On a piece of paper, write: THE NAME OF THE CARD IS Fold the paper so that your friend doesn’t see what you’ve written and put it aside until later. Ask your friend to:
1. Enter a 3-digit number into the calculator. (The first digit must be larger than the last digit.) Example: 845
2. Reverse this number and subtract it from the first number. -548 3.

Add the digits in the answer. 297 2+9+7=18 The digits will always add up to 18!
Tell him to count down that many cards in the deck. It will be the 10 of Hearts.
Finally, ask him to open the piece of paper and read your prediction.
He’ll read, "THE NAME OF THE CARD IS".

Say that you were in such a hurry that you forgot to finish your prediction. Then make these adjustments and his card will mysteriously appear!
-cross off the H in THE
-cross off the AME in NAME
-cross off the T in THE
-cross off the CD in CARD
-change the I in IS to a T by crossing the top


MAGIC TRICKS "Recurring Number Magic"

You write down the following 8 digit number on a piece of paper:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9

Then ask a friend to circle one of the digits. Say that they circle number 7.

You then ask your friend to multiply the 8 digit number by 63, and magically the result ends up being:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9
x 6 3
7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7

with the answer as a row of the chosen number 7.

The Secret
When your friend circles a number, you need to multiply the chosen number by 9 in your head - if 3 was chosen you would work out 3 x 9 = 27. Then you need to ask your friend to multiply the 8 digit number by the number you have just worked out. In the case of 3 being chosen you ask your friend to multiply 12345679 by 27 and you magically get the answer 333333333.

Jumat, 06 Agustus 2010


Bermain2 angka yuk sambil belajar itung2an, pernah denger kan rumus buat hasil tetap,biasanya di pakai pesulap untuk menipu,he..Ya sebenernya si enggak nipu mengelabui yang pasti pembuat rumusnya kreatif, contoh
(trik 1)
pilih angka berapa aja contoh misalkan 30 terus di kali 2ditambah 38 lalu dibagi 2 terus dikurangin 30 yg merupakan angka pilihan kita dan hasilnya 19 30 x 2 + 38 : 2 - 30 = 19contoh lainnya 43 x 2 + 38 : 2 -43 = 19 ts juga bisa coba dgn angka lain selain 30 or 43 tapi tdk merubah rumusnya...x2+38:2-...=19
Penjelasannya seperti ini:
coba rumusnya disederhanakan dulu:
(trik 2)
Pangil orang,suruh dia memikirkan no sembarang angka bisa 100, 32, 0.7, -6 pokoknya bebas dech
Lalu kalikan dengan 2.
Kalikan lagi dengan 5
Lalu hasilnya dibagi angka asal Lalu kurangi dengan 6
sekarang, Lo bilang ke org itu bahwa hasilnya adalah 4 ( kalo bukan berarti kalkulatornya eror atau temen lo yang eror)
Ambil n sembarang angka
Dikalikan dengan 2 menjadi 2n
lalu dikalikan 5 menjadi 5x2n=10n
Disedrhanakan menjadi
Dikurangi dengan 6 kita peroleh 10-6=4
akhirnya akan selalu 4
Jika digambarkan maka (nx2)x5/n=10-6=4
Jadi berapapun nilai n hasilnya sama.
(trik 3)
Nah dedy corbuzier pernah pake ni rumus
mengubah sebarang bilangan asli menjadi 9. Coba ubah bilangan 20 menjadi 9 dengan menggunakan operasi matematika yaitu tambah, kurang, kali, bagi atau yang lain.
Sebagi contoh
20 : 2 - 1 menjadi 9.
dengan cara lain
20 - 11 menjadi 9.
nah sekarang seandainya saya punya suatu bilangan yang tertulis dhati , tanpa mengetahui bilangan yang tertulis bisakah kalian mengubahnya menjadi sembilan?
Pasti menurut nalar tidak bisa. Apa yg hrus kita lakukan tanpa angka
-sekarang kita balik, siapkan selembar kertas dan tulis sebuah bilangan sesuka kalian, boleh bilangan kecil atau besar yang penting bilangan asli.Ingat pengertian bilangan dan angka berbeda,
Cth 75 adalah bilangan yang terdiri dari dua angka yaitu angka 7 dan angka 5. Dan
8 adalah bilangan yang terdiri dari satu angka yaitu 8.
Coba ikuti berikut ini
-kalikan bilangan yang kamu tulis dengan sembilan.
Hasilnya berupa sebuah bilangan asli juga, ada yang terdiri dari 1 angka, 2 angka, 3 angka, 4 angka dan seterusnya.
Jika hasilnya bilangan yang lebih dari satu angka maka Jumlahkan angka-angka yang menyusun bilangan tersebut sampai hasilnya berupa bilangan yang terdiri dari satu angka maka kamu harus berhenti.
Cth saya ingin bilangan 5764
maka hasil akhir adalah 9
-Saya yakin bahwa semua pasti berhenti menghitung pada saat bilangan terakhir adalah 9.
Apa ada yang hasil akhirnya bukan 9?
kenapa hasil akhirnya selalu sembilan adalah sebagai berikut.
-Angka-angka pembentuk bilangan kelipatan sembilan bila dijumlahkan pasti juga kelipatan sembilan.
-Sebagai penjelasan sederhana perhatikan contoh berikut
7814 x 9 = 70326
maka 70326 adalah kelipatan sembilan, padahal
70326 dapat ditulis sebagai
=(7x[9999+1])+(0x[999+1])+(3x[99+1])+(2x[9+1])+ (6x1)
Karena 70326 kelipatan 9 maka 70326 habis dibagi sembilan, sehingga harusnya (7+0+3+2+6) juga bilangan kelipatan sembilan.
-Jika dilakukan penjumlahan terus menerus maka semakin lama hasil penjumlahannya semakin sederhana dan pada akhirnya diperoleh bilangan dengan satu angka yang merupakan kelipatan sembilan. Bilangan itu tidak lain adalah 9 itu sendiri.
(trik 4)
Permainan Sulap permainan sulap menebak uang yang disembunyikan
Cth Saya minta tiga orang sukarela maju ke depan misal yang maju adi, budi dan tuti.
Perhatikan apa yang saya pegang. (saya mengeluarkan uang 5000 rupiah, 10000 rupiah dan 20000 rupiah) Uang ini akan menjadi hadiah untuk kalian semua asal ketiga anak ini mampu mengelabui saya dengan baik, tetapi bila saya bisa menebak dengan benar maka uangnya harus dikembalikan. Tolong masing-masing dari tiga orang yang di depan ini menyembunyikan satu lembar uang,
gunakan strategi yang baik supaya saya tidak bisa menebak. Selama kalian memilih uang saya akan menutup mata
Kalo sudah ini ada 24 butir kelereng Silahkan kamu ambil sebutir kelereng ini Adi! Dan budi, silahkan kamu ambil dua butir kelereng ini! Untuk tuti, silahkan kamu ambil tiga butir kelereng ini.
Selanjutnya sisa kelereng saya letakkan di meja dan kamu masing-masing saya minta ambil beberapa butir lagi .tapi Selama kalian mengambil lagi,saya akan menutup mata lagi.
Nah setelah mata saya tertutup,nah jumlah kelereng yang harus diambil adalah sebagai berikut
-Yang merasa menyembunyikan uang 5000 silahkan mengambil kelereng sama banyak dengan kelereng yang telah diambil tadi,
-Yang merasa menyembunyikan uang 10000 silahkan mengambil kelereng dua kali dari banyak kelereng yang telah diambil tadi,
-Yang merasa menyembunyikan uang 20000 silahkan mengambil kelereng empat kali dari banyak kelereng yang telah di ambil tadi,
Saya akan menutum mata lagi. Jika sudah sembunyikan kelereng masing2 sisanya biarkan mi meja
sekarang saya akan mulai menebak,misal sisa 3 kelereng
-uang 5000 ada pada Adi.
-uang 10000 ada pada tuti.
- 20000 rupiah terakhir pasti ada di budi.
Adi, Budi dan tuti masing-masing menyembunyikan uang 5000, 20000, 10000
Berarti rang sampelnya 5000,20000,10000
-Berikut adalah ruang sampel dari uang tsb
jika ditulis maka ruang sampelnya adalah {(5000,10000,20000), (10000,5000,20000), (5000,20000,10000), (10000,20000,5000), (20000,5000,10000), (20000,10000,5000)}.
Ruang 5000,10000,20000
1+(sama jumlah di ambil)1
2 +(2x jumlah di ambil) 4
3 +(4x jumlah diambil) 12
Sisa 1
Ruang 10000,5000,20000
1 + 2
2 + 2
3 + 12
Sisa 2
Ruang 5000,20000,10000
1 + 1
2 + 8
3 + 6
Sisa 3
Ruang 10000,20000,5000
1 + 2
2 + 8
3 + 3
Sisa 5
Ruang 20000,5000,10000
1 + 4
2 + 2
3 + 6
Sisa 6
Ruang 20000,10000,5000
1 + 4
2 + 4
3 + 3
Sisa 7
karena ada sisa tiga kacang, maka titik sampel yang sesuai adalah (5000,20000,10000).
Menurut kelereng yang pertama diambil bahwa adi ambil 1
Budi ambil 2
Tuti ambil 3
Maka bisa di ketahui siapa yang membawa uang.
(trik 5)
suruh orang bayangin angka berapa aja misalnya 150, dan anda tidak tahu. trus suruh nambah angka anda sebutkan berapa aja misalnya 2.
nah disitu anda suruh nambah atau kurang atau kali atau bagi, asal nanti kali bagi tambah kurangnya kembali keangka dia ditambahkeangka anda habis itu suruh dia ngurangi angka yg dia bayangkan yaitu 150, maka angka akhir sudah anda dapat yaitu 2... trus anda olah ditambah dibagi dikali. dsb... dan trus sebutkan angkanya maka akan cocok dg angka yg dia dapet. pusing ya...?
nih contoh gampangnya....
bayangkan sebuah angka dan jangan kasih tahu saya... misalnya dia bayangi 150. anda bilang kalikan 2....
kalikan 6........
bagi 3.........
tambah 50
tambah 50
kurangi 100
bagi angka yg anda bayangkan 300?150=2
nah disini angka anda sudah kepegang, tinggal anda kembangin dg kali bagi tambah dsb maka akan ketemu angkanya. dan sebutkan didepan temen anda.
bilangan kali,bagi,kurang,tambah hanya sebagai hiburan agar terlihat serius, intinya Riancian di atas adalah
Atau 2 bisa anda rubah yang lain
Udah pada ngerti kan,. Sampai di sini dulu cuma itu yang baru ada,nati jika ada lagi di tambahin, semoga bisa bermanfaat..


Dalam pelajaran matematika adalah pelajaran paling pusing tanpa alat penghitung yang disebut kalkulator.. Jika dalam pelajaran lain mungkin jawaban bisa di toleransi jika mirip tapi jika matematika walaupun mirip tetep salah.. Bener ga.. Nah buat yang mo belajar mudah2 bisa membantu ni caranya,. Jika di perhatikan gampang, mudah2an mengerti..

Perkalian kuadrat yang simpel adalah angka akhir 5
5x5,15x15,25x25,35x35 dst
Setiap perkalian bilangan akhir 5, pasti hasilnya akhir juga belakangnya 25, misalnya:
Sekarang gimana caranya nyari angka depanya?
Untuk nyari angka depannya. Caranya misalnya:
Angka depan kan 1 dikali angka lebih tinggi 1 tingkat dari angka depan atau 1+1 yaitu 2
Jadi belakangnya tinggal nambahin angka 25
Contoh lagi angka yang lebih tinggi
Angka depanya
Jadi : 55x55=3025
Perkalian kuadrat yang lain contoh
11x11=121, 12x12=144, 13x13=169,14x14=196
Cara ngitung simpelnya..
Bilangan awal biarkan
Bilangan akhir di tambah dan di kali bilangan itu sendiri,
Nah jika hasil jadi puluhan maka angka depan hasil di tambahkan angka sebelumnya jadi
Perkalian dengan satuan dengan angka 9
1x9,2x9,3x9...s/d 10x9
Perkalian angka satuan dengan angka 9 hasilanya jika ditambahkan pasti 9
jika kita menamba 1 dan 8 maka hasilnya 9
Oleh dikarenakan itu pasti maka kita bisa membalik untuk menemukan perkalian dengan angka 9,
Caranya membaliknya gini gini
Untuk memperoleh angka 72 maka:
9-7=2 jadi
Udah mudeng kan angka 72 dari mana..
Nah buat yang perkalian puluhan dengan 9 maka hanya bisa buat ngecek jawaban kita bener apa nggak
Contoh :
Coba tambahkan hasilnya apakah 9
Berarti jawban
359425x9=3207825 benar
Perkalian menggunakan jari mulai dari 6 sampi 9
6x6,6x7 s/d 9x9
Jari pasti ada 10 kecuali ya ada kelainan..
Contoh perkalian
anggap 5 jari kiri dan kanan mulai dari 6
Jika kita tekuk 1 artinya 6 tekuk 2 artinya 7 tekuk 3 artinya 8
Tekuk jempol kiri adalah 6
Tekuk jempol dan telunjuk adalah 7
Jari yang tertekuk ditambahkan dan yang berdiri kalikan
Maka yang tertekuk kiri 1 kanan 2 , yang berdiri kiri 4 kanan 3
3 adalah puluhan jadi
30+12= 42
Kiri= Tekuk jempol/6,pelunjuk/7,jari tengah/8,
Kanan= tekuk jempol/6,telunjuk/7
Yang ditekuk tambahkan yang berdiri kalikan
Yang ditekuk Kiri=3 Kanan=2
Yang berdiri kiri=2 kanan=3
56 jadi 8x7=56

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